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Legal Notice to GBM

Former Defense Minister GEOFFREY MWAMBA has been warned by Lusaka Resident Magistrate SANFORD NGOBOLA that he may be detained and have his bail revoked.

This is because Mr. MWAMBA neglected to show up in the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to begin his defense in his case involving the proceeds of crime.

In an earlier motion for adjournment, defense attorney BONAVENTURE MUTALE claimed that Mr. MWAMBA had received a sick note recommending a five-day bed rest.

Mr. MUTALE further claimed that Mr. MWAMBA suffers from chronic “BP” issues.

Moreover, Magistrate NGOBOLA postponed the case to March 16, 2023.

The state, however, voiced dissatisfaction with the course of events, claiming that Mr. MWAMBA’s case had dragged on.

This relates to a case in which Mr. MWAMBA, who was detained in June of last year, is accused of money laundering and possessing property thought to be the proceeds of crime totaling $2,000,000 and 20,000,000 Kwacha.

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