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41 bank accounts are seized by DEC

The DEC has seized 41 bank accounts with a combined balance of more than 19.7 million dollars and 174 million kwacha.

The Commission has also confiscated 4.1 million Kwacha in cash, 108 cars, 72 pieces of real estate, and a number of mobile money accounts with a combined value of 10 million Kwacha.

All of the money and assets were taken last year.

According to DEC Public Relations Officer HUSSEIN KHAN, the cases entail inquiries into properties where the proceeds of crime are plausibly believed.

He claims that while some of the case’s suspects are currently appearing in court, others are still being considered for potential prosecution by the National Prosecution Authority, or NPA.

In situations where investigations have been completed and the authority has been granted to begin non-conviction based forfeiture proceedings of the properties, Mr. Khan claims that the DEC has also sent the dockets to the National Prosecution Authority.

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