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Gov Releases Policy Against Money Laundering And Terror Financing

Through a number of initiatives and changes, including the creation of the financial crimes court, the government claims to be devoted to combating financial crimes.

The administration is dedicated to upholding strict compliance with international norms on preventing the financing of terrorism and money laundering, according to finance minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE.

This was said by Dr. MUSOKOTWANE in a speech that was read on his behalf at the Lusaka launch of the national anti-money laundering and countering of terrorist financing policy by Attorney General KABESHA MULILIO, who is also the anti-terrorism chairperson.

He claimed that Zambia is a part of international groups that have approved a lot of the procedures necessary to make money laundering and other financial crimes illegal.

The launch, according to Dr. MUSOKOTWANE, lays out a strategy for efficiently battling money laundering and terrorism financing in the nation.

The launch of the strategy, according to MARKUS WEINER, a governance advisor at the British High Commission, is crucial in Zambia’s fight against corruption.

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