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Fuel Costs Will Drop – Nalumango

Vice President Mutele Nalumango claims that as the government lowers the cost of imports and starts getting the good from neighboring Angola, the price of petrol will eventually decrease.

According to Mrs. NALUMANGO, the expense of trucking fuel from the port in Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam to Zambia makes it pricey at the present.

The Vice President continues by saying that the government is striving to update TAZAMA so that fuel may be imported through the pipeline for less money, which would also assist lower the cost of the good.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk program, Mrs. NALUMANGO predicted that the price of petroleum would likely drop much further if Zambia began importing it from Angola.

According to her, the recent trip to Angola by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA aided in the completion of the oil contract, which is anticipated to increase energy security.

And Mrs. NALUMANGO claims that the price of fertilizer won’t fall until the nation begins domestically manufacturing it on a massive scale.

The Vice President stated that because a local business has already begun producing the good, the administration is optimistic that the price of fertilizer would decrease soon.

Meanwhile, Mrs. NALUMANGO claims that speculation is causing mealie meal prices to soar.

She gave her word that the administration will take proactive measures to bring the price down.

According to Mrs. NALUMANGO, the government acknowledges responsibility for rising mealie meal costs and will make significant efforts to bring them down.

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