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Government Effort to Boost FMD Vaccinations

In Southern Province’s Monze District, more than 190,000 cattle have received the Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine.

According to the ongoing livestock vaccination effort to stop recurrent outbreaks of livestock diseases, the animals have been immunized against the disease since January 2023, according to Monze District Veterinary Officer RICKY NAMAKOBO.

Moreover, cattle farmers in the Monze District have complimented the government for taking proactive steps to stop outbreaks of livestock disease in the nation by providing ongoing immunizations.

According to JOSHUA MUNKOMBWE, chair of the Monze Dairy Farmer Association, government-sponsored animal immunization programs are assisting in the eradication of persistent cattle diseases.

FMD, Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBP), and East Coast Fever were a few of the illnesses Mr. MUNKOMBWE mentioned as having significant fatality rates in livestock.

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