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ZFDS Wants To End Malaria

In order to reduce malaria cases in all endemic areas, the Zambia Flying Doctor Service (ZFDS) is collaborating with the Malaria Control Center.

According to ZFDS Chief Executive Officer GEORGE NG’UNI, the alliance is necessary to combat the high rates of malaria in places like Luapula Province.

To combat the disease, according to Dr. NG’UNI, outreach programs must include Malaria Control Center officers.

He has stated that it is alarming that about 90% of the cases his team addressed while in Luapula had malaria, according to ZNBC news in Mwansabombwe.

Dr. NG’UNI stated that it is important to keep providing mosquito nets and raising awareness of the risks associated with malaria.

For five days, the Zambia Flying Medical Service set up camp in Mwansabombwe to provide the locals with primary medical care.

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