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Government expects to invest $100 million in tourism

The government anticipates receiving $100 million in the coming month to build infrastructure at some tourist destinations.

The government has engaged in thorough discussions with the World Bank, according to tourism minister RODNEY SIKUMBA, to authorize the allocation.

He declared that the government would use the money toward upgrading the facilities at Kasaba Bay, Liuwa National Park, and the Zambezi Source World Heritage Site.

The Minister revealed that in order for the private sector to reach the site for investment, the government plans to build the Mporokoso-Kasama road and the Mbala-Kasaba Bay route.

Mr. SIKUMBA added that the money will also be utilized to upgrade Liuwa National Park in order to open the Southern-Western circuit, extending visitors’ stays in Zambia.

He continued by saying that the government would also build a bridge across the Luanginga River to allow visitors and investors access to the park from Kalabo.

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