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Government installs four radio transmitters

The total number of installed transmission sites now stands at 52 thanks to the government’s installation of four more ZNBC radio 1 and 2 transmission sites in four districts.

The Ministry of Information and Media put the radio transmitters in the Kalomo, Mwandi, Senga Hill, and Mporokoso Districts.

The new locations are fully operational, according to Minister of Information and Media CHUSHI KASANDA, and their coverage areas range from 40 to 80 square kilometers depending on the topography and antenna height.

She claims that by June of this year, the government plans to have finished installing transmitters at 15 sites.

The effort, according to the Minister of Information and Media, aims to provide information to the public more directly.

Ms. KASANDA continues by saying that doing this will guarantee that everyone has equal access to knowledge so they may properly contribute in the growth of their country.

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