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Government pledge to collaborate with for-profit hospitals

In order to achieve economic development, the government claims it is still committed to cooperating with private institutions to ensure a healthy populace.

Private hospitals are a significant component and play a crucial role in providing the public with high-quality healthcare, according to SYLVIA MASEBO, minister of health.

According to Ms. MASEBO, the private healthcare industry supports the public healthcare system.

LUCKSON KASONKA, the Permanent Secretary for Technical Services in the Ministry of Health, read the Minister’s remarks during the 10th Annual General Meeting of the Zambia Association of Private Hospitals (ZAPH) in Lusaka.

While this was going on, association president ABEL MWALE urged the government to include private institutions in its research and treatment efforts to create a better system for delivering healthcare.

The rights of healthcare workers should be taken into account by the government, according to Dr. MWALE.

Additionally, FASTON GOMA, Chief Executive Officer of the Health Professional Council of Zambia (HPCZ), stated that the council is striving to lower registration costs for private hospitals.

Prof. GOMA also revealed that HPCZ is working with stakeholders to gradually replace the numerous licensing system for private hospitals with a single license.

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