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Government To Address Ex-Miners’ Situation In Luanshya

According to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, the government would deal with problems affecting retired people and former miners in Luanshya.

According to President HICHILEMA, the government will begin reviewing the names of retirees that have been provided in order to determine who worked for whose companies and how much money is owing to them.

The Head of State claims that because the government is dedicated to resolving issues impacting them, retirees from various companies will have their predicament taken into consideration.

President HICHILEMA said the government will cooperate with leaders of the various groups to alleviate the plight of ex-miners while speaking to them in the Mpatamatu district of Luanshya on the Copperbelt.

The President said that it was unfair that the ex-miners who provided their services weren’t compensated for them.

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