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Roadwork between Chinsali and Nakonde will soon be finished

Construction on the Chinsali-Nakonde route is anticipated to be finished in the second quarter of 2023, according to Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister CHARLES MILUPI.

Mr. MILUPI has also revealed that the government will, with the help of the European Investment Bank, rehabilitate the road segment from Mpika to Chinsali.

He claims that building vital infrastructure, including the border facilities at Nakonde, is intended to boost trade along the Dar es Salaam corridor between Tanzania and Zambia.

Speaking with him in his Lusaka office was Tanzanian Minister of Works and Transport MAKAWE MBARAWA.

At the same conference, Mr. MILUPI highlighted that due to the significant debt incurred, the government chose to conduct road projects utilizing the public-private partnership approach.

According to Mr. MILUPI, all infrastructure projects will be purchased through PPP at the proper price and delivered at the required standard of quality.

Professor MBARAWA announced that he has chosen to travel to nations that are implementing PPP, such as Zambia and Kenya, in order to become familiar with the procedures.

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