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Government To buy equipment for youth resource centers

Equipment for numerous Youth Resource Centers across the nation is being purchased by the government in collaboration with the business sector.

Elvis Nkandu, the minister for youth, sport, and the arts, claims his department is aware that many youth resource centers lack necessary tools, which makes training challenging.

According to Mr. Nkandu, the lack of suitable tools and workshops has prevented most adolescents from receiving practical training.

The Minister made this comment while touring the Luwingu Youth Resource Center in the Northern Province’s Luwingu District.

According to Mr. Nkandu, the Luwingu Youth Resource Center urgently needs to offer classes for a variety of skills and dorms to house students traveling from distant locations.

The Luwingu Youth Resource Center intends to expand its skill-training programs, according to acting manager JOSHUA SINYANGWE.

25 of the 150 registered students, according to Mr. SINYANGWE, are recipients of skills bursaries from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

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