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Government to Lend Money To Maize Farmers

The Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Elias Mubanga, has announced that the government has earmarked loans to support small-scale farmers in their efforts to increase maize production. Minister Mubanga emphasized that by bolstering maize production among small-scale farmers, the country can enhance its food security.

The minister made this statement during his visit to Chinsali District, where he called on the Permanent Secretary of Muchinga Province, Henry Mukungule. Minister Mubanga highlighted that his ministry is committed to collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that cooperatives and small-scale farmers are better equipped to cultivate larger maize harvests.

In response, Senior Chief Nkula of Chinsali District commended the government’s dedication to supporting farmers in their maize cultivation endeavors. During a meeting at his palace with Minister Mubanga, Senior Chief Nkula expressed his appreciation for this initiative, emphasizing its potential to ultimately reduce the cost of mealie meal, a staple food in Zambia.

The move to assist small-scale farmers in boosting maize production is not only crucial for improving food security but also for stabilizing food prices and ensuring the well-being of Zambian citizens. The government’s commitment to these goals is evident in its efforts to support those at the heart of the nation’s agricultural sector.

Source: Lusakatimes

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