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Vice-President Mutale Nalumango says the UPND government will be in power for 50 years

VICE-President Mutale Nalumango says it is disappointing that the Constituency Development Fund is not being used quickly enough so that more money can be released. And the Vice-President says the UPND government will be in power for 50 years.

During the vice-president’s question time, Friday, Bwacha PF MP Sydney Mushanga questioned why opposition and independent-led constituencies were being discriminated against by government in terms of CDF disbursements, claiming that they had only received about K6 million per constituency.

In response, Vice-President Nalumango said the government was disbursing CDF equitably. “I will tell you that don’t believe it. Therefore, I can assure you that that information is totally false. Resources will be given according to the absorption…I stand here very disappointed to…… news diggers

Source: zambianobserver

In other news – Lady Du Celebrates Completion of Hair Salon Wawa La Beauty

Lady Du eulogises herself for the hard work and consistency she’s invested over the years to reach this height of success. The Amapiano star shared her story with fans and encouraged them with her success story.

Lady Du

Du shared a post about her Wawa beauty saloon which is yet to be launched. She further revealed that she own a construction company, though, she didn’t dwell much on the revelation. Read more

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