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Government urged to carry out energy reforms

JOHNSTONE CHIKWANDA, an energy expert, has recommended the government to keep up with energy reforms in order to enable the sector’s bottlenecks be removed and draw in additional investors.

Dr. CHIKWANDA claims that non-cost reflective prices have made it challenging for private investors to invest in Zambia’s energy sector.

He has also urged ZESCO, a power utility, to diversify its energy production away from hydropower and include other sources to its mix.

Dr. CHIKWANDA stated the nation should have advanced significantly in increasing power generation by now because issues have been known for a very long time. He was a guest on ZNBC’s The Update Program.

The repair of the generation equipment at Maamba Collieries, which produces roughly 300 Megawatts, has put ZESCO in a difficult situation, according to ZESCO National Spokesperson HENRY KAPATA.

However, he expressed optimism that the load shedding would lessen since Maamba was anticipated to rejoin the system on January 20.

On the same program, Mr. KAPATA, who was also a guest, expressed optimism that the problem will eventually be solved by the power generation projects currently under development.

But he added that ZESCO’s energy specialists are actively watching the situation and would provide advice as soon as possible.

ZESCO started a load-shedding exercise today as a result of the drop in water levels at the Kariba North Bank.

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