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Govt Changes Position On Power Project Feasibility Studies

After concluding power purchase agreements, the government will now conduct feasibility assessments on energy investment projects, according to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA.

According to Mr. Kapala, this is done in an effort to hasten energy sector investment and, as a result, develop Zambia into a centre for regional power production and export.

According to Mr. KAPALA, as the majority of investors conduct desk research before choosing to participate in a project, feasibility studies will only be carried out following the completion of power purchase agreements.

During the High Level Power Dialogue on Private Sector Investment in Electricity and Infrastructure Development in Africa, the Minister was addressing in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

The government, according to Mr. KAPALA, is dedicated to luring greater investment into the energy sector.

He claims that Zambia’s free foreign exchange policy and its stable and peaceful political and economic climate help it to remain a desirable business location.

According to a statement made by the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia’s First Secretary Press and Tourism

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