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Govt Ends Conversations Over Building Of Dual Carriage Way From Lusaka To Ndola

The government and the private partners hired to repair the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway have reached an agreement, and the contract will be signed within the next ten days.

The Lusaka-NDOLA dual carriageway will be built in three years, according to Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister CHARLES MILUPI, although emergency road restoration work will be done by the concessionaire first.

The Sesheke Livingstone Road, the Great East Road, and other important highways will be renovated, according to Mr. MILUPI.

When he called on ELISHA MATAMBO, the minister for the Copperbelt province, he spoke.

On the Copperbelt, Mr. MILUPI is examining important roadways.

Additionally, FRANK TAYALI, the minister of transport and logistics, gave the citizens of NDOLA assurances that work will be done on the Minsundu Road and other local roads.

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