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HH Invites Diplomats To Collaborate With Zambia

The diplomatic community has been urged by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to assist Zambia in resolving the numerous issues that the nation and the world are now facing.

Food insecurity, energy, climate change, and peace and security are among of the concerns that need to be handled jointly, according to President HICHILEMA.

He claims that due to their interconnectedness, the current difficulties that the entire globe is facing cannot be addressed in isolation.

Speaking at the State House during the annual reception for the diplomatic corps, President HICHILEMA urged leaders at all levels to come together to find long-term solutions to the problems.

In the meantime, President HICHILEMA claimed that the nation had made progress toward reestablishing democracy, good governance, and the rule of law.

And Dr. WALID HASAN, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, complimented the government for its accomplishments, including defending the rule of law, providing free education, starting debt negotiations, and increasing CDF.

Additionally, STANLEY KAKUBO, the minister of foreign affairs, stated that strengthening relationships with diplomats is necessary to promote trade and investments.


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