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Govt Interested In Empowering Youths

According to the government, increasing youth empowerment is necessary to realize the nation’s full social and economic potential.

Elvis Nkandu, the minister for youth and the arts, was speaking at a stakeholder round table discussion in Lusaka with participants from the African Union, Opportunity for Youths in Africa, Food & Agricultural Organization, and the United Nations.

SUZE FILLIPPINI, the FAO country representative, stated during the same event that her organization has highlighted youth as a crucial segment that can realize the nation’s development potential.

According to Ms. FILLIPPINI, FAO sees young people as a resource with the potential to create more sustainable agri-food systems and revitalize the industry.

The UN will safeguard, assist, and provide a platform for the needs of young people, according to UN Resident Coordinator BEATRICE MUTALI.

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