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Govt Is Forwarding Infrastructure Development

The government is pushing for transportation infrastructure development to enhance intra-regional trade, according to Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali.

According to Mr. TAYALI, the administration is highly smart in identifying the finest opportunities to boost the economy across a variety of sectors.

He suggested that one method to promote Zambia’s tourism industry growth is to raise the level of road safety in the nation.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Tayali stated that he and tourism minister Rodney Sikuma hosted delegates from the 13th session of the Tripartite Council of Ministers of Transport meeting of the Walvis Bay- Ndola-Lubumbashi Development Corridor at the Lion King of the Victoria Falls boat trip.

And Mr. SIKUMBA noted that many stakeholders in the tourism industry are anticipating infrastructure growth in the transportation sector, which he notes will facilitate travel throughout the nation.

In the meantime, the Congolese government will contact Zambia to learn more about investment potential in the tourism sector, according to a visiting permanent secretary from Congo, PANGA DIBALE.

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