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Greater Cholera surveillance in the Northern Province

In the districts of Mpulungu, Nsama, and Kaputa, the Northern Province has increased cholera surveillance and vaccination programs.

Ernest Mutale, the director of health for the Northern Province, claims that his agency has distributed enough chemicals, including chlorine, and sent out officials to educate the people on cholera prevention measures.

Since the outbreaks in some regions of the country, the Northern Province has not documented a single case of cholera.

This was stated by Dr. MUTALE in a ZNBC News interview.

He claimed that because Lake Tanganyika is shared by three other countries, there is a chance of the disease spreading to the regions of Mpulungu, Nsama, and Kaputa, necessitating increased preventive measures.

According to Dr. MUTALE, vaccination messages are also being well-received by the residents of the Province.

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