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Henry Kapoko and others donated properties worth K19 million

Henry Kapoko and others donated properties worth around K19 million to several government offices and agencies

In the case involving former Ministry of Health Chief Human Resource Officer Henry Kapoko, the Anti-Corruption Commission turned over immovable and mobile property valued at approximately K19 million to various government ministries and agencies that were forfeited to the State.

Following his arrest and subsequent prosecution by the ACC, Kapoko and his co-accused were found guilty of corruption on 66 counts in 2018 and given a sentence of 18 years in prison with hard labor.

The Department of Works and Supply, Office of the Public Protector, Hostels Board of Management, and Ministry of Lands have all received the properties.

The immovable properties that have been transferred, according to ACC’s head of corporate communication Timothy Moono, are: stand No. LUS/3775, which consists of two (2) three-bedroom houses, one of which is located at No. 25 Manda Hill Road in Olympia Park and is valued at K2,940,000; stand No. LUS/13947, which consists of a guest house with a block of 15 self-contained guest rooms, two detached conference halls, and a double-story block

Other properties, according to him, include stand No. LUS/13949, which has the unfinished buildings of a lodge in Roma and is worth K2,247,000.00.

“Others are stand No. LUS /3325/M/B comprising of high cost dwelling house with 5 bedrooms, a block of semi-detached servants quarters, pool and a bar situated in Ibex Hill valued at K3,805,000.00 and stand No. LUS/7791 comprising of a dwelling house with 3 bedrooms situated in Woodlands Extension valued at K540,000,” he said.

He said that the hostel’s management board had received 33 beds, 23 mattresses, three television sets, ten headboards, one washing machine, four refrigerators, two cooking stoves, three wall mirrors, six chests of drawers, 33 chairs, seven tables, and five side drawers.


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