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HH and US VP Kamala Harris To have private meetings

Vice President of the United States of America Ms. Kamala Harris is expected to begin her official visit to Zambia from today to the first day of April 2023, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo. She will be accompanied by the Second Gentleman, Mr. Douglas Emhoff.

In a bilateral discussion, Vice President Harris and President Hichilema will discuss significant issues of bilateral, regional, and international relevance, including democracy, food security, and sustainable economic growth, according to Mr. Kakubo.

According to him, the Vice President’s visit will advance US efforts to increase aid to Zambia in gaining access to the digital economy, supporting adaptation and resilience to climate change, and fostering business ties and investment, including through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the economic empowerment of women.

“President Hichilema has been driving the country’s bold and ambitious economic development agenda, and this visit will solidify Zambia’s partnership with the United States, while exploring new areas of cooperation in identified sectors that will accrue tangible benefits to the people of Zambia,” he said.

According to Mr. Kakubo, the rise in high-level visits to Zambia by foreign dignitaries and leaders is evidence of the international community’s restored faith in the nation’s current leadership.

“These visits are crucial and demonstrate Zambia’s standing as a preferred investment destination. The country is open to collaborative partnerships, and the international community has shown willingness to work with the government in various areas such as health, education, agriculture, mining, water and sanitation, energy, and tourism,” he said.

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