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HH Assures Mufulira Residents Over Mopani

The residents of Mufulira have been reassured by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA that the administration is striving to put the problems of the Mopani Copper Mine to rest.

The Head of State asserts that he is aware of the concerns Mufulira residents have regarding the events at Mopani and that soon the administration would publish a statement that will put an end to the matter.

The administration is working diligently, according to President HICHILEMA, to resolve the dispute over the Ndola-Mufulira route.

He claims that the government is aware of the traffic jams at the border crossings at Sakanya, Mokambo, Kasumbalesa, and Kipushi.

The administration, according to President HICHILEMA, would endeavor to ease the congestion at the border posts.

At a meeting with former miners at Shinde Stadium, he was discussing Mufulira.

The news that marketeers in Mufulira had obtained boosting loans made President HICHILEMA delighted.

And JOSEPH CHEWE, the president of the Mine Workers Union of Zambia, entrusted President HICHILEMA with the task of finding Mopani a reliable investor who would provide financial support and jobs for the populace.

Also, Mr. Chewe urged the Head of State to grant land to Mufulira and Kitwe’s miners.

In the meantime, Mufulira’s business community has lamented the high cost of doing business and requested the Head of State’s intervention.

An earlier request for the President’s inclusion of a component in the amended CDF that will provide ex-miners with some type of empowerment was made by a representative of the ex-miners.

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