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HH assures Zambians Government won’t go off course keeping its commitments

According to PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema, the government is wary of inaccurate news that could mislead and undermine its resolve and efforts to keep its commitments to the people of Zambia.

Since then, he has reassured the populace that government is making every effort to reduce load shedding both now and in the future.

Mr. Hichilema stated that the Ministry of Energy is developing a strategy since he is acutely aware of the disruptions caused by the continued load shedding to many economic sectors.

“We will not depart from this route regardless of the unexpected obstacles we find on the way. We have said it before and we will say it again; we will spend most of this year unlocking domestic rigidities that affect economic growth. We have also stated before, that we are cautious of unreliable reports that may misinform and derail our resolve and plans to deliver on our promises to the Zambian people. These will not be excused going forward,” he said.

The Head of State in a Facebook post on his page said Government’s vision is clear and resolute.

“We are very much alive to the disruptions caused by the ongoing load shedding to various economic sectors, small scale businesses, vital installations, households and ordinary people. We are doing everything in our power to mitigate these challenges now, in the immediate term and long term. An Energy Sufficiency Strategy through the Ministry of Energy is being formulated to expedite processes for investors to develop Independent Power Producers. Soon this shall be shared with the public with a window for Zambians to partake in Power Producing Ventures. Governments vision is very clear and resolute and that is to build a vibrant economy that will create business opportunities and jobs for our citizens,” he said.

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