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HH Consideres Youth Voluntary ZNS Training

In order to develop discipline and patriotism in young people, according to President HICHILEMA, the administration is considering allowing them to participate in optional national duty.

In order to discover a means to reintroduce the program that was required during the UNIP era, President HICHILEMA claims he has presented the suggestion to Defense Minister AMBROSE LUFUMA and Defense Chiefs.

National service teaches young people discipline and patriotism, according to President HICHILEMA, who received his training as a cadet in Zambia’s National Service program at Mushili Camp in Ndola.

According to the Head of State, because they are well-trained and mannered, youth who complete National Service rarely participate in undesirable vices.

Young people who are being recruited into the Defense and Security wings have been instructed by President HICHILEMA to love and be committed to serving the country with pride.

Officers in the Zambian Defense Force, according to President HICHILEMA, must protect the country’s independence and sovereignty by being committed and professional.

The Head of State declares that because the nation’s security is being protected by the men and women in military, his government will stand with them.

The President was addressing as he attended the Zambia National Service’s (ZNS) Chongwe Unit’s Golden Jubilee festivities.

And AMBROSE LUFUMA, the minister of defense, promised to collaborate closely with ZNS to guarantee that it continues to play a significant role in securing the nation’s food security.

According to Mr. LUFUMA, the service has been producing enough food to feed the country through its farms and agribusiness, which has helped to promote proper nutrition.

ZNS Commander MALITI SOLOCHI noted that over the past 50 years, the service has aided the country through its military and commercial duties.

Several Cabinet Ministers, Chief BUNDA BUNDA of the Soli people, Defence Attaches from Embassies accredited to Zambia, and former Defense Chiefs were among those who attended the ZNS Golden Jubilee at ZNS Chongwe Unit.

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