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HH Ends Tour Of Duty In The USA

Today is anticipated to be the last day for President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to attend the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington, DC.

The summit aimed to strengthen and widen relationships between the US and African nations, organizations, and individuals.

President HICHILEMA used the opportunity to underscore Zambia’s distinct position as a top investment destination for the world, according to presidential spokesperson ANTHONY BWALYA.

According to Mr. BWALYA, the President has noted several of Zambia’s strategic advantages, including the country’s adherence to democratic principles, political stability, long-lasting peace and security, rule of law, and protection of private investment rights.

The huge natural water bodies, arable land, wildlife, and human resource talent supported by a young and educated population, according to him, were also discussed by the President.

According to Mr. BWALYA, President HICHILEMA also stressed how Zambia’s land-linked position and access to a larger regional market can spur corporate growth for businesses looking to establish Zambia as a center for their activities.

He claims that the President is especially excited about the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which paves the way for US manufacturing to take part in the development of the value chain for electric car batteries.

The President, according to Mr. BWALYA, is particularly excited about the 150 million dollar commitment by KoBold to investigate and develop the Mingomba copper-cobalt mine in Zambia.

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