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HH Requires Civil Servants’ Service

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has urged Ministers and other government representatives to perform better and refrain from rashly using up taxpayer funds.

The UPND was elected, according to President HICHILEMA, because voters demanded change at a time when the economy was deteriorating and debt levels were rising.

All brand-new Land-cruiser VX cars purchased after the UPND took office must be sold, and the proceeds must be invested in profitable ventures that generate employment, according to the President.

He claims it is not a wise use of resources for the government to purchase fancy cars as it works to resolve its debt.

Speaking today in Lusaka at a leadership workshop for the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU), President HICHILEMA noted that some ministers and permanent secretaries are constantly on the go yet still perform poorly.

The administration does not want time to be wasted in delivering progress, so President HICHILEMA has also advised state officials to refrain from believing they are indispensable.

Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa earlier in his speech urged all government entities to work hard.

He has stated that it is crucial for all government agencies to understand their responsibility to live up to Zambians’ expectations.

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