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HH to join USA, Netherlands and Korea in hosting Summit for Democracy

This Wednesday and Thursday, President Hakainde Hichilema is anticipated to host the second Summit for Democracy alongside the United States of America (USA), the Netherlands, and the Republic of Korea.

Because of Zambia’s steadfast adherence to the values of democratic governance, respect for the law, and human rights, the country was chosen to host for the African region.

The summit’s focus will be on ensuring free, unbiased, and transparent elections across Africa.

The Second Summit for Democracy 2023 (SD42), according to State House Chief Communication Specialist Clayson Hamasaka, aims to highlight the desire for transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, and good governance on a worldwide scale.

“Our country has had a record of democratic and free elections with peaceful transitions of power. In Zambia, a national conversation has begun about democracy which includes legal reforms that will enhance our democratic credentials,” he said.

Mr Hamasaka said Zambia is a testament that democracy works and fuels the hope needed to transform lives for generations to come.

“As a beacon of African democracy, co-hosting the Summit is a great honour and an opportunity to promote transparency, better governance and counter corruption. We look forward to a successful Summit, and accelerating concrete action toward democratic renewal,” he said.

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