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Hh Want The Luanshya Mines To Return To Production

In order to restart production, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has hired mining companies in the Luanshya district.

In order to ensure that all mining assets in the district that are not currently in production, including Shaft 28, are put back into production, President HICHILEMA said he met with executives of some mining enterprises in Luanshya yesterday.

When speaking to former miners in Luanshya, the President made this statement.

In addition, President HICHILEMA said in a speech to hundreds of Luanshya residents at the grounds of a Baptist church in the second-class neighborhood that the government intends to hire program officers in every constituency to assist citizens with applications for empowerment funds under the Citizens Economic Empowerment Funds (CEEF) and Constituency Development Funds (CDF), among other programs.

President HICHILEMA and his initiatives will have the backing of his group, according to Small Scale Minera spokesperson VICTOR KALESHA.

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