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HH Warns global trotting ministers & Orders VXs to be sold

Hakainde Hichilema, the president, has criticized some ministers for their poor performance.

He claimed that several ministers had made little to no improvements to their departments, adding that this was impeding the nation’s plans for progress.

The Head of State remarked today’s leadership session for the Presidential Delivery Unit in Lusaka that the development program is being hampered by some ministries’ lack of effort.

“How many people are we going to remove from positions because of failure to deliver? I am tired of swearing in people. I want us to deliver. We want to change this country for the better,” he said.

President Hichilema remarked that while some Ministers were constantly traveling and looking for work, they were producing no results.

“Some Ministers are perpetually travelling, but no delivery. You should be ashamed! This is also the same for some Permanent secretaries. Work culture is not based on working from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours. Work is ticking off delivery notes. What are we doing in these ministries,” he asked.

Ministers and other government officials, according to the President, were chosen for their ability to bring about change and carry it out.

“We are servants and not kings, we should not be feared by people we work with,” he said.

And President Hichilema has reiterated that when it comes to providing services, ministers do not need opulent cars like VXs. As a result, he has ordered that all VXs purchased at the time of holding office be sold.

He added that the issue of people desiring opulent cars to give services to Zambian citizens would not be successful since cars do not bring about growth.

When several appointees applied to have VXs purchased so they could relocate from their homes to their workplaces, President Hichilema expressed dismay.

Since then, he has given Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa the order to sell every VX that was acquired after he took office.

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