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HH Will Prezend Public Private Forum

The Public Private Dialogue Forum (PPDF) will hold its first steering committee meeting on Wednesday at State House, which will be presided over by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

President HICHILEMA is anticipated to oversee business affairs of a policy type and remove roadblocks that are preventing corporate expansion and the creation of jobs across the majority of industries.

The first steering committee, according to PPDF Acting Director General ROSETTA CHABALA, is anticipated to discuss business bottlenecks like the lack of a local content requirement in the mining sector and the enforcement of the Statutory Instrument on Transport on of Heavy and Bulky Commodities by Road.

The meeting will also include the presentation of property assessment and council rates for the industries of tourism, manufacturing, and mining, said Mrs. CHABALA.

She claims that since July, technical working groups that are co-chaired by the public and private sectors have been established by the PPDF to facilitate dialogue meetings with these two sectors.

This information can be found in a statement that PPDF Director of Strategic Communication and Partnerships JACQUELINE CHISHIMBA provided to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

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