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Hippo knocks 71-year-old man’s upper right thigh bone out of place

A hippo knocked a bone in the right upper thigh of a 71-year-old Kashikoto resident when he was fishing in the Kwa Kahilu area stream. The incident occurred in the Eastern Kafue National Park area.

The hippo attacked Sitali Sililo, who was trying to catch fish, after it had turned over his canoe and broken a bone in his right upper leg.

Fortunately, Mr. Sililo was saved by Mushingahi’s security division after they received a distress call about a fisherman being assaulted by a hippo.

Following the distress call, the team coordinated emergency assistance to help Mr. Sililo, according to Mushinghi Assistant Supervisor in the Security Department Fanos Sameki.

“Knowing the injuries described, remoteness of the fishing village and lack of vehicle access to it, I arranged for the security boat to rescue the victim and transport him to the nearest vehicle collection point on Mushingashi, to then transfer the patient over to the pre requested Zambia National Service (ZNS) Kalenda Hill ambulance and medical team,” he said.

With the aid of their first aid knowledge, Mr. Sameki and his security team were able to quiet the screaming sufferer, stop the bleeding, and mobilize the fractured leg for quick transport to the waiting ambulance.

“The patient was then put on IV fluid therapy to treat him for shock, which the ambulance team were very thankful for the assistance from the scouts. It was a great team effort between the community members who reported the attack and Mushingashi security team and the Kalenda Hill medical team to help Mr Sililo fisherman get the urgent medical attention he needed, to save his life,” he said.

And Mr. Sililo reported that the hippo attacked him at around 7:00 in the morning when he was out fishing. He was hospitalized at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) at the time of the incident, which occurred on March 5.

“I was in the water in my canoe and all I remember is that as I was trying to catch fish, I saw myself fly mid air and drop in the water after having my canoe being overturned by the hippo. It then came and attacked me and broke the bone on my upper right thigh,” he exclaimed in pain.

Mr. Sililo, who has now had a metal rod installed in place of his shattered bone, claims that he is still in tremendous pain and has further asked well-wishers to provide him with dietary support.

“Navutika (I am suffering) because I am in so much pain. All I can say is that I thank God I survived that day. One other thing that I am asking for is for Government or well-wishers to help me with food stuffs. My relatives are unable to meet all my needs and so I ask if I can be assisted in any way,” he said.

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