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IG warns lawlessness During summit for Democracy

Lemmy Kajoba, the inspector general of police, has issued a warning against all forms of lawlessness during the summit for democracy’s hosting and the presence of USA Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Police Service is aware that some people and organizations have an agenda to support causes that are foreign to the nation or against cultural values while the nation hosts the two significant events, according to Mr. Kajoba.

He declared that the police will deal with anyone who had malicious intents.

In order to ensure that peace and order are upheld, Mr. Kajoba stated that there will be adequate cops deployed to cover the summit location and adjacent places.

“We are alive to the fact that during this period, there are certain individuals and groupings with an agenda to champion causes that may be alien to our country and inimical to our tradition and cultural values. I wish to warn those with such ill-intentions that our officers are fully equipped and ready to deal with them.Enough officers will be deployed to cover the summit venue and other areas of concern,”he said.

He claimed that both our nation and the rest of the world place a high value on the two events.

Mr. Kajoba further urged the general public and all drivers to be patient and cautious during this time.

He noted that in order to facilitate the smooth movement of VIP vehicles, certain of the highways might briefly be stopped at specific periods.

The Summit for Democracy (S4D) will be co-hosted by Zambia in Lusaka from March 29–30, 2023.

The nation will welcome the vice president of the United States of America (USA), Kamala Harris, who will be in the nation from March 31 to April 1, 2023, over the same time frame.

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