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Imminent Announcement Of Defense And Security Jobs

The names of the candidates who made the short list for the defense and security wings recruitment exercise will soon be made public, according to Defense Permanent Secretary NORMAN CHIPAKUPAKU.

According to Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU, the need to follow certain protocols throughout the hiring process is what caused the delay.

Only the top 5,000 applicants would be hired out of the over 200,000 who applied for the jobs, he explained.

When Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU visited Provincial Minister Leonard MBAO at his office, he was speaking in Kasama.

Furthermore, according to Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU, the Ministry is aware of incidences of human trafficking and goods smuggling in the province that are being done through Tanzania.

Yet, he claims that steps are being taken to combat these vices.

Mr. MBAO previously expressed worry about the rising cost of mealie-meal, which he claims is now selling for between 200 and 240 kwacha every 25 kilogram bag of the product.

This, according to Mr. MBAO, is caused by the fact that mealie-meal made from the province’s maize is moved outside of the area and then brought back.

In order to lower the price of mealie-meal, he has urged the defense and security wings, such as the Zambia National Service (ZNS), to establish a milling factory in the province.

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