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Improved Drug Supply – Zamsa

The Zambia Medical Supply Agency (ZAMSA) predicts that in the upcoming months, the country’s public health facilities’ drug supply situation would stabilize.

According to KENNEDY SAINI, vice chair of the ZAMSA Board, with the recent medical purchases, medications will soon be delivered to all healthcare facilities nationwide.

He claims that by making sure that pharmaceuticals are purchased at the proper price, ZAMSA aims to achieve value for money.

Last night, when Mr. SAINI appeared on the live broadcast of Health Line on ZNBC TV1, he was speaking.

The Special Parliamentary Committee Report, which recommended ZAMSA and the Ministry of Health to address administrative concerns in the procurement of medications, was the main topic of discussion throughout the event.

SYLVIA MASEBO, the health minister, said during the same broadcast that while there hasn’t been a complete drug supply in the nation, the government is making every effort to fill medical facilities with medications.

Clinical Care and Diagnostics Director for the Government of Health, ALEX MAKUPE, stated that the ministry has made steps to improve the supply of medications at healthcare facilities.

Additionally, SADIK SEEDAT, the executive director of Melcome Pharmaceuticals Limited, urged ZAMSA to create long-term framework agreements to guarantee a steady supply of medications.

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