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In 2023, tourism has fared better—Muhanga

According to EVANS MUHANGA, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, this year’s tourism industry has outperformed last year.

This, according to Mr. MUHANGA, is the result of measures taken by the government and several stakeholders.

According to him, the industry has performed well as a result of actions like the relaxing of COVID-19 regulations and the elimination of the need for tourist visas, among other things.

However, Mr. Muhana argues that inadequate investment in particular tourist attractions locations and a lack of effective road networks have remained to be the industry’s biggest challenges.

He claims that some waterfalls and historical locations, among others, still require maintenance to make them fit for tourist visits.

Mr. MUHANGA claims that the industry will most likely perform significantly better the next year as the Ministry and other stakeholders fight to increase productivity.

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