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Shelving 7TH Grade Automatic Progression Receives Union Support

The government’s decision to eliminate the automatic progression of grade seven students to grade eight has been praised by several teachers unions.

This action, according to Victor MUYUMBA, president of the National Union of Public & Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ), will help raise the caliber of graduates in the nation.

SITIBEKISO WAMUYUWA, General Secretary of the Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ), claims that the move will increase the country’s secondary school pass rate.

DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA, the education minister, declared on Friday that Grade 7 students will no longer advance automatically this year.

The termination of the automatic advancement, according to Mr. SYAKALIMA, requires students who pass the tests to either retake them or complete a skill exchange program through TEVETA, the Technical Education, Vocational & Entrepreneurship Training Authority.

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