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In Lumezi, 10 bridges collapse.

Following intense rains, ten bridges in the Lumezi District of Eastern Province have been washed away, and several more are in danger of collapsing.

The areas in the Lumezi valley are now blocked off from the rest of the district as a result of the disaster.

The Luamphamba Bridge, which connects Lumezi to Lundazi, and the Chankalamu Bridge in the valley area are the bridges that have collapsed, according to IRVIN MUYUMBA, the public relations officer for the Lumezi Town Council.

Additional bridges include those at Katete along the Bulete to Chitungulu route, Makungwa between Chiomeni and Mwanya, Lusangazi, Lumezi, and Kapaipi.

According to a statement from Mr. MUYUMBA to ZNBC News, the local government has so far given 150,000 Kwacha from the Constituency Development Funds’ disaster component to repair the damaged bridges.

In order to provide immediate assistance by backfilling the controllable culverts, he claimed that a crew from the Council’s Works and Engineering department is now on the scene.

He said that OLIVER MWALE, the chairman of the Lumezi Town Council, had already checked the affected crossing sites directly to determine the degree of the damage.

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