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Incredible Democratic Records in Zambia – KASANDA

Zambia has been chosen to co-host the upcoming Summit for Democracy, according to Chief Government Spokesman CHUSHI KASANDA, due to the country’s enhanced democratic credentials.

The event’s hosting, according to Ms. KASANDA, who doubles as the minister of information and media, demonstrates the confidence the outside world has in the nation’s democracy.

She has stated that substantial advancements in the country’s democracy have led to Zambia’s hosting of the Summit.

Ms. KASANDA listed some of the positive steps taken to promote democracy, including the review of the Public Order Act, the abolition of the death penalty, and the repeal of the Defamation of the President Law.

Ms. KASANDA stated that the government has also restored the editorial independence of the media to establish their own agenda when she started an orientation media workshop ahead of the Summit for Democracy in Lusaka.

And according to the US government, Zambia has taken steps to strengthen its democracy.

The arrest of corrupt government officials, according to US Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer ANAMARIA KARRELS, demonstrates how devoted Zambia is to bolstering its democracy.

Zambia is a shining example of democracy in Southern Africa, according to Inter-news Network Zambia.

News Network Inter TELDAH MAWARIRE, the Chairman of Party for Zambia, claimed that the country’s reaffirmed commitment to democracy has made her a leader.

She said that it is appropriate for the nation to hold the Summit for Democracy, which will focus on topics related to democracy, elections, and the rule of law.

Journalists from a variety of media outlets have attended the one-day media orientation course to receive training on how to cover the Summit, which is set to take place on March 29 and 30, 2023.

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