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Inner Bar Calls for Haimbe,phiri, And Mbushi

Following their nominations as State Counsels by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE, Director of Public Prosecution GILBERT PHIRI, and senior attorney HENRY MBUSHI have been summoned to the inner bar.

The three are entitled to sit in the front roll in court, across from the judges’ seats, after being called to the inner bar, which signifies their transformation from ordinary to senior or state counsel.

At today’s ceremony at the Supreme Court in LUSAKA, the three attorneys were admitted to the inner bar under the direction of Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA.

Justice MALILA asked the nation’s state attorneys to serve as role models for the legal community.

He also urged state attorneys to be a key player in legal reforms and initiatives to achieve prompt justice delivery.

Following his ceremonial call to the inner bar, Mr. HAIMBE reaffirmed his commitment to sustaining professionalism in the legal community in an interview with ZNBC.

Also, Mr. MBUSHI vowed to rigorously support efforts to protect the legal profession’s code of ethics.

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