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Jojo Robinson opens up on her bo0b job

Jojo Robinson recently opened up about the numerous body surgeries she’s done on an episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast. The Real Housewives of Durban star claims to have undergone six major surgeries including four breast augmentations and more.

She has had over 20 things done but about six or seven major surgeries and all of these mommy-makeovers cost R800 000.

Jojo Robinson

“I don’t think I can count like I would have to literally have to sit and count them out. But all together maybe 20+. Major surgeries maybe six or seven. So, my first surgery was a plain breast augmentation… where they just cut under the boob, they didn’t do the lift, they just put the boobs in,” she said.

Jojo said she went in for another surgery to make her twins bigger which made her happy.

“Unfortunately, you know I did it and thought I didn’t go big enough, as people do… so make sure you are happy with the size. Don’t go too small because with surgery you will swell up after surgery and that’s the size you like and it will go down,” she continued.

Jojo Robinson

“Two years later I thought my body is not suiting big boobs anymore. I thought my back was sore, I had complications from having big boobs. As nice as they are it is also uncomfortable. So, then I made the decision to have a fourth surgery. In this one, we took the boobs down a few sizes and did another lift,” she continued.

Jojo then did a tummy tuck, removed fat on her sides, she had a thread face lift, microblading, tattoos and lip filler.

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