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Uncle Vinny fights back after being slapped in a club

Uncle Vinny allegedly slapped by Primo Uncle Vinny is the latest SA celebrity to be involved in an altercation. As seen in videos and according to reports, it was revealed that the MC got slapped and tried to retaliate.

Uncle Vinny

The person who slapped Vinny was allegedly identified to be Primo, but the vague video left some viewers confused. The musician alongside his female friends defended him while being attacked by an unidentified young man in the club. The video has surfaced on social media and it has tongues wagging.

Hunnies defending their beloved. It’s nice to have money usemncane,” a tweep wrote.

“Vinny sounds drunk and i think he was being disrespectful towards Primo and he put him in order quick in a hurry,” another reacted.

In other news – Mark Pilgrim’s fiancée Adrienne Watkins speaks out

It’s been six long weeks since beloved radio and TV personality Mark Pilgrim passed. But for fiancée Adrienne Watkins, the pain of each passing day gets worse. The Hot 102.7 FM presenter lost his battle with stage four lung cancer last month. He was 53 years old. In a recent Instagram post, Adrienne Watkins poured her heart out over her pain of losing Mark Pilgrim.

Adrienne Watkins

The Johannesburg consultant shared a picture taken by Mark of his kitchen. She captioned it: “You took this photo of the doggies waiting for me at the door when I went for a run, a year and a bit ago, and sent it to me, reminding me how much I am loved. Today this is me…..Staring at the door and waiting… waiting for you, my baby. Learn more

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