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Judge Muma Saved by fishermen after attempting suicide on Zambezi river

Judge Wilfred Muma, 58, was saved from the Zambezi River by some fisherman after he attempted suicide by jumping into the water.

Judge Muma left a “suicide” note the day before he vanished.

Judge Muma left home around 2:00 a.m., according to police deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale, and it is unknown where he is now.

Mr. Mwala claimed that after Judge Muma’s family reported him missing, authorities started an inquiry.

He said that during a police investigation, the Toyota Hilux with the registration number GRZ 437 CX, which was discovered abandoned at the Zambezi Bridge on the Mongu-Kalabo route with the keys in the ignition, was found.

Marine officers and members of the public, according to Mr. Mwale, searched the area close to the river.

He claimed that at around 08:00, Judge Muma could be heard screaming for assistance while clinging to some grass out of concern for his safety from the water’s current.

“Judge Muma was rescued by a fisherman who was identified as Sianga Lubinda aged 32 who took him to one of the islands on the Zambezi River. He was later brought to the Bridge where he abandoned his motor vehicle using a canoe by the fishermen and was handed over to the police officers,”said Mr Mwale.

He was rushed to Lewanika General Hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention.

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