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Judge Worries About Defense Team’s Alleged Abductors

Judge CHARLES KAFUNDA of the Lusaka High Court is troubled by the careless stance the defense is taking in the case of the suspected kidnappers of PAMELA CHISUMPA and 12 other people.

When the defense presented a medical report for one of the accused, dated March 23, 2023, Judge KAFUNDA voiced worry.
This follows the court’s Monday of this week decision that the defendants, JAMES BWALYA and MATHEWS SIKAONGA, be examined physically and mentally before entering a plea.

Once the defense requested that their clients be evaluated to determine their suitability to stand trial, Judge KAFUNDA issued the order.

Yet when the time came today for the presentation of the medical report, State Advocate Bob Mwewa informed the court that the report he had received was outdated and demonstrated that BWALYA was unable to stand trial.

According to Mr. MWEWA, the prosecution is discouraged and upset that the defense disobeyed the court’s order.

Since then, Judge KAFUNDA has ordered that the accused undergo a new medical examination and that the doctor conducting the tests must personally deliver the results in court.

The subject has been postponed until April 17, 2023, when a physical and mental health report will be presented.


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