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Judicial Branch Strengthens Capabilities to Combat Illicit Financial Flows

In order to combat illegal activities that have a detrimental effect on the nation’s economic development, Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA has encouraged the judiciary to strengthen legal interpretation and enforcement.

According to Dr. MALILA, the nation is struggling with the loss of resources due to criminal activities like corruption, tax evasion, and illicit money flows.

He claims that this is the reason why his government has chosen a few subordinate courts to address economic and financial crimes on a priority basis. These courts are presided over by carefully chosen magistrates.

According to the Chief Justice, courts will become increasingly skilled at handling cases involving economic and financial crimes and will increase the speed with which these disputes are resolved.

When he officially began a two-day course on cyber, economic, and financial crimes for judges and magistrates in Lusaka, Dr. MALILA made this statement.

Cyber, economic, and financial crimes, according to Attorney General Alliance – Africa Representative FREDA BRAZLE, continue to have a bad effect on Africa’s economy.

And Advisory Committee on Training and Continuing Education Chairperson MUGENI MULENGA noted that networking opportunities and access to global viewpoints are made possible through training, which would improve understanding of economic and financial crimes.

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