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Julius Malema reveals he wants to remove ANC from power

Julius Malema is infuriated by the current government in power in South Africa. The EFF political leader called out President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ruling party, ANC for the ill state of the country.

Julius protest against them on his Twitter account, saying that ANC must be out of power, and the President needs to be pushed out of his office if he refuses to resign.

“We are our own liberators; we must remove the ANC from power, but even before that, Ramaphosa must fall with immediate effect, and failure to do that, we must push him out of office,” Julius wrote.

“The picket lines are calling our names. We can’t allow them to turn us into a nation of cowards; everything has collapsed under Ramaphosa, and we look like a helpless nation,” Malema added.

Lots of issues currently ongoing has been of great concern to the citizens.

Loadshedding is the top on the list, and many are left frustrated; a few have taken to different social media to express their disappointment in Cyril.

In other news – Calls for Lady Zamar’s arrest

South African singer and songwriter Lady Zamar has finally taken the high road as she proceeded to disable comments on Twitter. This comes after the tumultuous trolling, continued torment, and name-calling she has been experiencing on this app.

Lady Zamar

It appears Lady Zamar finally has had enough of being publicly ridiculed, made fun of, and or simply lambasted on social media. The constant trolling comes after she leveled rape claims against the singer, Sjava. From that day onwards, Lady Zamar has been continuously attacked and bashed especially on Twitter. Learn More

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