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Zambians in Angola are urged to invest in their country

Zambians living in Angola have been urged by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to invest in vital sectors like power production at home.

According to President HICHILEMA, there are currently close to two billion dollars in the country’s financial system that are held by both Zambians inside and outside the country but are not being used.

He has given Zambians in Angola the reassurance that the government will support their investments.

They have been advised by President HICHILEMA to get into investment partnerships in order to raise the money required for their desired areas of interest.

He was speaking last night when he addressed Zambians living in Angola at a gathering in Luanda, the nation’s capital.

And LAWRENCE CHALUNGUMANA, Zambia’s ambassador to Angola, stated that negotiations for gas trade with Angola have already begun.

Gas, according to Mr. CHALUNGUMANA, is a substitute for using electricity for cooking.

And MORDS CHENDA, a Zambian living in Angola, raised concern about the absence of transportation between the two countries.

The conference also included the ministers of commerce (CHIPOKA MULENGA), transport (FRANK TAYALI), infrastructure (CHARLES MILUPI), and foreign affairs (STANLEY KAKUBO).

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