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K4BN For CDF Is Released By The Gov

The constituency development fund’s allotment for this year has been completed thanks to a 4-billion-kwacha donation to the ministry of local government.

According to MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU, the Permanent Secretary for Local Government, the ministry has now distributed more than 23 million Kwacha to each of the 156 constituencies across the nation.

According to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, the most recent disclosure indicates that the entire 2022 CDF funding has been funded and is available for use.

In order to better the social and economic position of the populace, he has asked constituency to access the funds and use them for that purpose.

In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. HAAMUNDU stated that it is crucial for there to be accountability and openness in the use of the resources made available to the constituents.

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