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KAJOBA: Act On Ten Police Officers

For setting up unauthorized snap traffic checks, Inspector General of Police LEMMY KAJOBA transferred TEN traffic police officers from the Traffic Department to General Police Duty.

Recently, Mr. KAJOBA issued a warning that police officers who set up unauthorized snap traffic checkpoints on public roadways and in compounds would face harsh punishment.

The Provincial Police Commissioners should give final approval before mounting any snap traffic checks, according to the Police Command, and they should be carefully planned and executed to minimize any hardship to motorists.

13 automobiles were seized by Lusaka police since they suspected they were registered with false numbers.

This occurred during a campaign to reduce auto thefts, which have been on the rise, particularly in Lusaka.

Four persons were detained for alleged narcotics possession during the operation, according to Police Deputy Spokesman DANNY MWALE.

According to Mr. MWALE, the suspects were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for additional investigation after the drugs were discovered inside the four automobiles.

He claimed that between 11 and 17 hours on March 17 and 18, 2023, the operation was carried out in various locations in Lusaka.

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